HOW TO PLAY (Requires webcam and WIFI)

  1. Please press the link above
  2. Be patient as the server loads up!
  3. Ensure you have a working webcam, and that your browser has permission to access it.
  4. Full screen your browser (may require a refresh)
  5. View > Hide toolbar for best experience
  6. Read the instructions on screen
  7. Click the suitcase to begin and wait for Getaway to load
  8. Use your wrist to guide the bird and enjoy!

Useful Tips!

  • We recommend using Safari for the best possible performance
  • You may notice the webcam better detects your movement when you stand up and stand a little further back!
  • Make sure your webcam is eye-level and face head-on.
  • Feel free to refresh the browser if Getaway does not perform as expected!
  • Have a tea nearby.