Getaway is a physical game space, designed to provide a safe place for personal regulation, relaxation and self-reflection. We offer this experience to schools, colleges and universities to be used as a tool of intervention to support mental health. Using immersive technology such as surround sound, 360 degree projections and relaxing play, we have developed this experience to respond to the needs of the player and create the ideal environment to help them. Our research was focused on exploring strategies to manage mental and physical health such as engaging the senses, mindfulness and grounding techniques. Primarily looking at therapy tools and exercises people can practice from the comfort of their homes. By looking into these techniques, we were able to come up with effective features and mechanics to implement into our design. This includes an originally composed soundtrack, consisting of particular musical patterns and art that would stimulate and relax the mind. In addition to this, physical gesture-interactions that encourage slow and controlled movement to release bodily tension.

Unique Selling Point

Getaway is an immersive, three dimensional, game space that combines physical and digital worlds. This transportable space that we have curated provides both surrounding sound and visuals, as well as meaningful interactions through the means of gesture control and motion sense technology. The use of such technology has allowed us to create an accessible play space that transports the player away from reality, into a meaningful safe space, inspired by self-help methods, coping mechanisms and techniques encouraged in therapy. The purpose of this product is to provide those who seek it, with the fundamentals for the emotional and physical regulation of their wellbeing.

Target Audience

Getaway aims to provide a resource to students in higher education, to support their mental well-being and improve the quality of their studies. By engaging in this private and personal safe space to manage feelings of stress, anxiety or overwhelm, students will be able to take the time they need to recharge and wind-down, enabling them to cope with challenging thoughts and feelings better. We are aware of the stresses of student life, from juggling responsibilities to maintaining well-being, and wanted to bring light to the importance of self-care, especially in our youth.


Head to the “Getaway”. A space full of interactive projections and music, no interruptions, no distractions, just you. Explore the surrounding digital world, observe the vast, intricate environment and listen to the soothing sounds of the mountains. Using live image processing and motion sense technology, you are able to gently raise your right hand to soar through the mountains as a Snow Bunting bird, combining the digital world with your physical surroundings. Collect delicately falling snow crystals, which in turn allow you to uncover the peaceful piano soundtrack, layer by layer. Your body is the controller. As you become immersed into the virtual world, recognise the settling of your heartbeat, the stilling of your trembling hand and the clarity within your mind.

Take time out of your day,

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